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We’ll See the World from My Harley: Motorcycle Adventures and Human Relations

We'll See the World from My Harley: Motorcycle Adventures and Human Relations takes a look at life over the handlebars by a motorcycle adventurer in a unique and entertaining writing style that is both insightful and refreshing in its frank honesty and humor.

“We meet some of Dennis’ accident-prone and not-so-bright buddies and we get a couple of speeding tickets in the same day. But through it all there is that homespun, tavern-table feel of a conversation rather than a literary work.

…Dennis, you do know how to observe life, learn from it and entertain with it-and maybe just teach us a thing or two along the way.”

  Bill Hayes, Thunder Press, Book Review, Nov ‘08


 About the Book

This is a book for men. It's a modern day reflection on our motorcycling community and our society through adventures and true stories. Just about everything in it has already been told in stories to the guys at the bar after the ride. There's useful motorcycle riding tips for everyone, learned from a lifetime of riding. However, you might discover that the book also has a bite. Well, after all, it is what actually happened and I make no excuses for that. There's no apologizing for the truth, is there? The human relations aspect recognizes that most men have a life-long relationship to their good friends, brothers and sons. Leave your cares and worries behind, then hang on and enjoy the ride.


Currently not in print