The Difference Between Life and Death: Outliving the Flu Pandemic of 2009



This is a short story of one family's survival of the flu pandemic depending upon self reliance and traditional family values. It begs the question, "So…what is your plan?"


“Dennis Miner has written a very entertaining novella about family survival during the coming influenza pandemic. His realistic story of coping with this emergency is as interesting as it is informative for anyone concerned about this issue. Dennis's characters and settings are rich in detail. His family's adventures and the challenges they face during the pandemic emergency kept me on edge. The scenes are well drawn; so much so once I thought I smelled a whiff of smoke from their small cabin's chimney. This is where he and his extended family braved the cold during their first winter in the wilderness. I enjoyed this book because it made clear a number of the problems that we are likely to confront during the pandemic times to come. It is both a good read and an informative one. I highly

recommend it.”


  – Grattan Woodson, MD, author of The Bird Flu Manual, and, The Coming Pandemic Catastrophe




About the Book

This is a story of hope and survival. Self-reliance and traditional family values help our family to stick together and outlive the flu pandemic crisis. In the process of overcoming this struggle, our family becomes stronger, as does American society. Throughout this life changing experience, there are elements of self reliance, fear, death of a loved one, courage, family conflict, self preservation, life's lessons, going back to the simple basics, and so much more.

My hope is to create more public awareness and help people to prepare themselves and their families for the imminent calamity that one day each of us will likely have to face. On that dreadful day when the pandemic comes, all of us will know in our hearts that we did not do enough to prepare for it, and if it just so happens that we do live through it, we will live out the rest of our lives burdened with the knowledge and the guilt of that unforgiving fact.

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